"Father, why am I obscure? I see no others alike to myself."

The Father only laughed at the silly quetion.

"There exists no necessity for you to be alike to others.
Why would you want to be common? To be rare and of quality
is to be expensive. You, dear, are worth of all gold."

Black cat had no expression. No physical behaviour could compare to his mind.

"Is it a suggestion that Father is going to sell me?"

"I would never, ever sell you. Although you are the son
of darkness, life without you has no light"

"Absense of light can only doom oneself, indeed.
Why am I wickedly dark? Why is my fur black as the
night without end?"

"As it is of your knowledge, no black cat existed before. Because not
a single one of them could fly up to the sky. All they could touch was
grass, flowers, the sea. But you, dear, flew so high the universe
touched you. The stars shed tears, saying "there wasn't ever a creature
so brilliant". The reason why you are the only one, is because to be
special, is to be lonesome. You are the only one who saw the stars".

"But they made me repulsive, gloomy, revolting. Are all stars cruel?"
"You aren't all dark. Your eyes shine."

"But I cannot look into people's eyes. Terrified, I am! Terrified I can never trust"
"Can't you see? That is your blessing. The stars in your eyes don't look at normalty.
They only reconize supremacy. So, when you trust someone enough, you will know. Your eyes
will want to be seen. Your darkness is what will scare the wrong ones away, and the right
ones will nor see your darkness or your light. They will see your heart."

But, if your nature truly scares you, change your attitude.
And stop bothering me! Learn from your darkness, and accept change.